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What Should Danny Do?

Super Girl Mindset - What Should Darla Do? Coloring Book

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“To call this just a ‘coloring book’ would be the understatement of the year! This empowering book is full of phrases that will teach girls how to be the best that they can be! A must-have for every girl!”

Set your girls up for success with the Super Girl Mindset Coloring Book! Featuring the lovable characters from the #1 Best Seller, What Should Darla Do?, this book will teach your girls to dream BIG while being kind, confident, brave and persistent! A fun and interactive way to reinforce their most important superpower of all, the Power to Choose! With over 100 stickers and over 70 pages to color in, this book will provide hours of educational entertainment for all!


With 9 Stories in 1, the fun never ends! What Should Danny Do? is an innovative, interactive book that empowers kids with the understanding that their choices will shape their days, and ultimately their lives into what they will be. Written in a "Choose Your Own Story" style, the book follows Danny, a Superhero-in-Training, through his day as he encounters choices that kids face on a daily basis. As your children navigate through the different story lines, they will begin to realize that their choices for Danny shaped his day into what it became. And in turn, their choices for themselves will shape their days, and ultimately their lives, into what they will be.

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What Should Danny Do? 8.5x11 inches

What Should Darla Do? 10x10 inches

Plush Dolls 14x4x2 inches

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely in love

I love this coloring book for my daughter. Today, Eloise reminded me that I had the power to choose a better response. She's 8. She totally stopped me in my tracks and made me rethink my response. We had an amazing talk. I've been looking for a cute necklace with P2C on it for her. I came to this site hoping you sold them. If you start selling them because of this comment; I completely expect 3 of them for free lol

Yuri Anderson
What Should Darla Do Coloring Bool

Amazing quality! Great, inspirational pictures. Fun add ons in the box. Totally worth the expense.

Our Mission

To teach children that no matter what external factors present themselves, it is our choice how we react. And the consequences of the choices we make will shape our days and lives into what they will become.

Ganit and Adir LEVY