"I never thought a children’s book could be so entertaining and so educational at the same time."

Sharon Shenker, MFTI & Mother of 5

Read Along With Author - Ganit Levy

  • Karyl Strader, Elementary School Principal

    “This book is a perfect fit for anyone trying to teach kids about responsibility and about the power of their choices. I highly recommend this book to every parent, teacher, and principal!”

  • Dr. Alete Arom, Clinical Psychologist

    “Making choices is a skillset that needs a good foundation. What Should Danny Do? really does teach children that their choices and decisions can have an effect on outcomes. And I think it’s really important to empower children in this way.”

  • Ally Clark, 2nd Grade Teacher

    “They have just raved and raved and raved about how awesome this book is! Discussing the Power to Choose with young children is such an amazing opportunity. We had so many class discussions… We talked about responsibilities, charity, about the importance of kindness and personal accountability.”

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